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We are preparing the best protection for you although preventing any contamination is not only a group or government responsibility, it’s mainly our individual behavior that makes the difference.

COVID-19 prevention in our diving center


Improvements and changes in the dive center

Divers space
We ensure a safe space and distance for our clients. Everybody has personal and defined space in the dive center and on the boat.
Disinfection area
Everything is disinfected before and after use. Each piece of equipment is washed in different tub.
Teaching space
Social distance is respected for all our students. The whiteboard is reserved for the instructor.
Social area
There is enough space for our clients can rest comfortably on the sofas while respecting the distance.
Office space
The minimum distance is respected when we attend our clients from the reception desk. This area is strictly reserved for the staff.
Dive shop
The dive shop is accessible to 1 person at once. The products are out of reach and they are disinfected in case of testing (masks, snorkels, suits, etc …).

Articles and official recommendations

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