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Naše oblíbené stránky s potápěním

Our favorite dive sites

All the diving spots are less than 30 minutes by boat.

The visibility is always excellent (15 to 30 metres!), allowing you to enjoy the beauty of this protected environment.

The fauna is all around you, you just have to watch and enjoy! The underwater scenery is magnificent and sublime.

Each dive is a surprise! You will come across parrotfish, groupers, trumpet fish, barracuda, octopuses, stingrays, and sea turtles.

For experienced divers, deep wreck dives are available, always in optimal conditions of safety and visibility.

If you are lucky, you might even spot some whales or angel sharks

We also offer the opportunity to discover the coast practicing “snorkeling,” which is pleasant and relaxing. We rent you the equipment (fins, mask, snorkel and wetsuit) to make you enjoy fully the coast and its inhabitants. The boat brings you directly to the spot and ensures your safety while you enjoy the sea.

Los chuchos

The most famous and accessible site for sure!

Only 2 minutes by boat from the Marina Del Sur (Las Galletas), the impressive black rays are dancing around you within their incredible ballet.

You will cross also every type of morey (nacho, black and tiger), The massive group of zebra breams is there just after your immersion to go down beside you in the blue. Our friend the big barracuda is always among them to look for some easy food, just in case!

The landscape around is made of rock and little reefs and further to the depth, the sand. You will certainly be impressed by a huge group of bastard grunts waiting for the photographers.

The average depth of this dive is between 12m and 17m. A little wreck is standing in the sand around 22m, if you are lucky, you could admire the fantastic butterfly ray or the famous angel shark (in winter only !)

A « must dive » and very rich site ! Go for this experience without any doubt!

Maximum depth: 22m
Minimum skill required: Beginner with few dives

Los Champinones

An unbelievable and fantastic landscape only a few minutes far away from the Marina del Sur (Las Galletas)!

The aquatic life is very rich and abundant on this site among the rocks that are looking like mushrooms.

Swim thru the canyons, explore every hole or little breaks, some quite huge morey eels are waiting for you.

At the end of the dive, take a rest on the platform by 15m before going up, you could cross some interesting species and meet some nice inhabitant!

The frequent current is often strong that’s why the dive should be proposed to the most experienced diver.

Maximum depth: 35m
Minimum skill required: Experienced diver

Los Arcos

A historical and memorial dive site!

Only 5 min by boat and you will enter this particular site in memory of two famous divers: The commandant Cousteau et Jean “La Murène”.

Under the biggest arch at 24m, you will find the memorial and the typical dolphin sculpture related to the Commandant Cousteau who dived here many years ago.

Going up, in a sandy canyon surrounded some rocks, you could look at the second memorial dedicated to Jean La Murène, creator of the first diving club in Las Galletas who managed to « grow up » many huge nacho moray eels in this place.

Look around, this unexpected landscape made out of basaltic rocks creates some beautiful arches and sculptures. Some nice inspirations for the undersea photographers.

A beautiful and very accessible dive even if the current is often your companion!

Maximum depth: 25m
Minimum skill required: beginner with a couple of dives

Punta Maravilla

Ideal for your first bubbles undersea!

This site, very close to the coast and only 5 min from the Marina del Sur (Las Galletas), is the best spot for discovering the scuba diving. You are going to see most of the typical species from Tenerife within a protected and safe environment (no current, protected from the wind).

Swim all along the reef between the rocks and the sand at a maximum depth of 12m. The average depth is from 3m to 7m that would guarantee your safety and makes you enjoy your first undersea experience.

A nice cave could be explored even by the early beginners in which you could observe the spider crabs, morey, cleaning shrimps and anemones.

A very nice site for all of you!

Maximum depth: 12m
Minimal skill required: Try Dive

Montana Amarilla

The most famous diving site around Las Galletas because of its easy access by boat or from the shore!

Many swimmers and undersea hunters are used to come here. You gonna explore and discover this stately site where the rocks are sharp and create some unusual natural sculptures. Welcome on the moon!
Of course, this is also a diving site perfectly suitable to your first experience in diving in this magic landscape.

This spot is very protected and the waves are limited, for the most experienced a beautiful arches there at 18m depth.

By diving around the 3 main rocks that compose this site, you will cross most of the species from Ténrife (parrot fish, trumpet fish, breams, sepia, octopus, morey eels, etc…) and for the most mucky of you, a ray or an angel shark could show you its magnificence.

A change of scenery in a wonderful and sublime spot!

Maximum depth: 18m
Minimum skill required: Try Dive

Las Rosas

An incredible spot where you are going to meet all the Canarian species!

The spot is close to the Punta Rasca lighthouse, around 1à minutes by boat from the Marina Del Sur (Las Galletas).

The dive starts on the basaltic platform between 4 and 10 ml depth. At the edge, the reef reveals all its majesty with all these basal organs and many little caves where the groupers, ludion and morey eels hide themselves.

Look around you, the breams, damselfishes and other inhabitants are following the divers with the secret hope of an easy meal!

Looking down to the slow descent to the abyss, a black ray or an eagle ray is passing by. And in winter, you should certainly meet the famous angel shark.

Above you head, the barracudas are the master of the sea, a group of grunts is waiting for you around the next rock for some beautiful pictures in this unique landscape.

Pass through the tunnel, enter the caves and be seduced by this exceptional dive spot where the sunlight is playing with the rocks!

Maximum depth: 20m
Minimum skill required: Try Dive

El Condesito

A wreck adapted to all of you for discovering this kind of dive!

Prepare your cameras, as soon as you are under the surface, the shadow of this cement transporting boat appears out of the blue surrounded by some beautiful basalt rocks.

Thanks to a very good visibility you see immediately the stern of the ship with its impressive rudder.

Feel free to lay down on the ground just below the hull to observe the grouper hidden here far away from the sea hunter ou any other invader.

The sea life is amazing inside and around the wreck. Go in and enjoy the beautiful light through the portholes ! the trumpetfishes and the zebra breams are beside you.

Swim a little bit more far away from the wreck following a slow descent and reach the edge of the wonderful and vertiginous reef that goes to more than 50m depth where the Ali Baba cave (another site) is settled by 45m depth. Admire but take care of your air gauge, here you are at 30m depth without noticing it!

The black rays and common rays are sleeping in this area around the wreck in the sand or in some natural shelters. Here some angel sharks are often especially in winter when the water temperature is becoming cooler.

This dive would please either the beginners or the most experienced divers‘ thanks to an interesting sea life and the opportunity to explore the wreck in safety!

Maximum depth: 18m (30m at the edge of the reef)
Minimum skill required: beginner with few dives

El Bajoncito

A beautiful and preserved spot where the sea life is intensive!

The direct descent along the line will bring you to 20m depth. A huge rock sits herein the middle of the sand where a lot of gardener eels are living.

Start to explore by turning around this rock where the side facing the open sea go down to 40m depth. Here you will observe all the species in profusion. Look in every hole, every corner and you will contemplate the incredible richness of this site.

All coloured anemones, spider crabs, cleaning shrimps, Canarian lobsters, morey eels (black, nacho and tiger), grouper.

Have a look in the blue and enjoy the dance of the barracudas, the group of grunts and few amberjacks. Follow the shape of the rocks and finish your dive on the platform at 15m depth. Go on looking in every hole some surprises could appear.

An incredible spot only for experienced divers because of the current that often makes the dive more difficult!

Maximum depth: 40m
Minimum skill required: Experienced diver

La Arenita

A vertiginous descent to reach a wall of black coral!

The current is often present on this dive site that is why it is reserved for the most skilled and experienced divers. The line of the anchor guides you directly to 30m depth to discover this fantastic reef where the black cora lis very abundant.

Follow this reef to look at the groupers and the morey eels, down below, in the sand, it is not rare to see a butterfly ray. Have a look around, the stingrays (common and black ones) are passing over the rocks, among the canyons that are making this spot so beautiful.

The visibility is always excellent and the sunlight beams create some singular and unexpected compositions.

Be seduced and enjoy this preserved environment but always have a look at your air gauge, it is a real deep dive!

Maximum depth : > 40m
Minimum skill required: very experienced diver

From beginners to most experienced divers

Other dive sites

Cueva de Juanito

Amazing dive site with lot of species and a real cave !

Certification required : Advanced diver

Depth : 20m to 35m

Cruz San Miguel

One of the most famous dive site in Tenerife south !

Certification required : Deep diver

Depth : 30m to 45m

El Meridian

Amazing wreck dive in the middle of the ocean !

Certification required : Advanced diver

Depth : 30m

El Bufadero

Meeting with the marine turtles and rays !

Certification required : Open water diver

Depth : 6m to 25m

Cueva del Tiburon

Cave accessible to the beginners with a lot of sealife !

Certification required : Open water diver

Depth : 5m to 20m